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10-12-2010, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
You just contradicted yourself big time. I would take briere every single time. Carter may have a fast release, but he misses the net so so much. At least briere is going to give himself a chance 9/10 times. Carter may be lucky to have 3/10 hit the net.
No I didn't. The discussion was how is a better "pure shooter." It's Carter, and it ain't even close.

Briere is a dangler, not a shooter... and there's a very important distinction between the two.

And, hitting the net, is overrated, when you're talking about shooting. While I would like Carter to just put the puck on net a bit more... putting the puck square into the goalies chest isn't getting you anywhere. Why do guys like Carter, Ovechkin, etc. (i.e., guys that shoot the puck a ton) miss the net a lot? Because they're shooting for corners... not just trying to get the puck on net. While their is value in just putting the puck on net in game situations with traffic and rebounds, if you're talking about beating a NHL level goalie with a shot... just getting it on net isn't getting **** done.

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