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10-12-2010, 06:38 PM
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I think people are barking up the wrong tree with the whole "energy" argument.

The reason dressing a "tough" line up is good is because teams that are tough typically feel better about themselves and when people feel better they typically play better. Tough teams are usually tighter, more confident, more assertive etc, etc.

Best recent example would be Bieksa sticking up for one of the Twins the other night when a trash talking King got in his face.

I imagine Sedin felt pretty good about that little altercation. Instead of skating back to the bench saying wtf why do I need this abuse, he skates back knowing that Kevin has his back.

I don't think anyone likes being pushed around, intimidated, or trash talked and I think most professional athletes play better when their chest is puffed out. The Sedins chest is probably a little more puffed when they feel like their team mates have their backs against the many toolbags they get to go up against nightly.

That said, we don't need a goon to have a tough team, having guys like Ryp, Glass, Bieksa, etc who will go out and stick up for their team mates is just fine.

I do understand why some teams dress goons though, I don't think it is purely to entertain the fans.

We just aren't at that point anymore, the Canucks are all about the playoffs this year, and goons simply don't play in the post season. Having one in the line up atm pushes a guy who could help in the post season into the press box.

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