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10-12-2010, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by thejlb1 View Post
Exactly. Thats what makes every game that much more important. I don't understand what people don't get about that. Hockey is a long season. Can you even imagine what it would be like if the Preds got front page headlines after every game they played. I'm as die hard a preds fan as almost anyone on here. I don't get the constant complaigning about this.

My point being is there alot more Titans fans then Preds. I don't get it either. Hockey is just as entertaining as football, but what are you gonna do. This is football territory. I personally don't miss a preds home game. So I don't need to read about it in the paper. Same with the titans. There are those people that like to read. Thats why I come here and footballs future. To read what other fans have to say.
So how do the Yankees, in a crowded NY market seem to get front page news in a 162 game season? People want to hear about what they like.

Saying this is football country is silly to me. I could say it's redneck country too but I don't want to talk about belt buckles with the names of guys like Bubba on them.

The excuse of football country is silly because none of these sports were played 100 years ago in this area. Sports on the whole are relatively new around the states. Baseball, football, hockey and basketball have barely been around 130 years for the longest one.

The Tennessean has never given the Preds a fair shake. I remember the first time the team took the point lead in the entire NHL and not them or 104.5 gave them the time of day. This was in February when this happened if memory serves me correctly. 104.5 that day was talking about who would be coaching Arkansas' football team in the fall. Really? We're talking college football about an out of state team? Needless to say I called in and gave them a piece of my mind.

When the coverage is proper and well done and no one responds about the Preds, then you can say it's football country, until then, I just don't buy it.

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