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10-13-2010, 01:29 AM
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Dont spend $200 on a stick for the guy if he is just starting out. He is not going to get any of the benefits that a stick of that caliber possesses. Get him a $20 wood stick and have him learn proper stickhandling and shooting techniques before he upgrades to an elite model. Chances are, at age 14, by the time he develops proper shooting techniques he is going to need a taller stick anyway, so if he gets a $200 stick now it will literally be a worthless investment.

Make sure he buys skates that are at least mid range, probably one model above. Crappy skates are restrictive, and cause immense foot pain, and dont allow you to develop well as a skater. Make sure he has gloves that have proper flexibility and padding. Not the area you want to skimp out on either. He does not need top of the line gloves that will protect you from slashes, but gloves below "mid range" are going to rip the skin off of his fingers in a heartbeat. It sucks. I used to have them.

Other than those two items, there is really not a need for high end equipment for a beginner player. He is not going to deal with very much physicality, he is more likely to need to be protected from himself falling and errant pucks more than anything an opponent will do to him. For helmets, sticks, pads, pants, get him stuff that fits, and thats about it. Get used when applicable. Once he gets the hang of it he will want better equipment because at that point it will make a difference in play. Right now the only things necessary to make an investment on are skates and gloves.

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