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10-13-2010, 06:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Not really... If I'm standing square up to a goalie and he's in the middle of the net and I shoot to the middle of the net so the goalie doesn't even have to move (as in, there is 0% chance the puck will go in) is that better than trying to put it to the side of the goalie, which will bring with it an increasing chance the puck will miss the net?

If you're talking about a pure shooter, they're shooting to beat the goalie... not rack up SOG statistics. They don't pick winners and losers based on SOG (we would have really *ing sucked in previous years if they did).
In my mind they are two very different shooters and each has his place, depending on the situation you would pick either of them to be your shooter. Briere clearly believes in hitting the target and then slight mi****s move to the corners whereas Carter believes in aim small - miss small, aim for a particular spot and if you miss you only miss by a little because of the added concentration.

Not sure it works for Carter but I'm glad we have both of them either way!

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