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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post

If each of them spend $50 ($200 for a family of 4) on local businesses, then the total revenue for the year would be about $15 million. This suggests to me that although important, Coyotes fans per se must represent a rather small proportion of the revenue generated at Westgate businesses. So, the question for those businesses must be how much they are willing to increase their cost structure to support the Coyotes operation?
I think your being, ah, "generous" @$50 per person Whileee!. $25 would be a safer bet IMO. It never ceases to blow me away whenever Im in the states how much cheaper everything is. A large part of the attraction in signing a lease at Westgate is the fact that the UofP Stadium and jobing are right their, on-site. If I had a business their I wouldnt have a problem with tacking on an extra 3-5% per sale.

Originally Posted by OthmarAmmann View Post

This is correct. This amount would likely be sufficient to fund their future debt service. Of course, it might be more fun for the city to blow it on some ill conceived project or some perks.
His estate has nowhere near that kind of money in it, so even if Baum awards Glendale $200M it'll be a hollow judgment.

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