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10-13-2010, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
I know what you're getting at. Obviously shooting for the corners will cause more missed shots, but it's still not okay to miss the net a lot. Missing the net is never, ever a good thing. It's that simple.

I'm not saying I want Carter to shoot less or stop trying to snipe, but his aim could be better. Obviously it's not as simple as saying "I'm going to put the puck exactly here," but he could be much better. I mean, I'll take Stamkos with less missed shots and more goals over Carter any day, if we want to start getting into your numbers. He's the third highest on that list, but if you were to sort it by goals instead, he sure isn't. That's not a good thing.

Trying to warp Carter's inaccuracy into a good thing just doesn't hold water. Missing the net is missing the net, period.
Would you prefer Stamkos to Ovechkin? What about when Carter had 46 goals? The year before Carter had 116 missed shots and 46 goals.

Ovechkin had 220 missed shots when he scored 56 goals. The next closes was Eric Staal... with 137.

So, Ovechkin had 104 more missed shots than Carter two years ago, for 10 more goals. Based on what you just said, you would prefer having Jeff Carter to Ovechkin two years ago.

Using missed shots as a point of criticism is a massive red herring... and complaints about just hitting the net more are terribly, terribly overrated.

The year before that, Ovechkin had 199 missed shots... for 65 goals.

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