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10-13-2010, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
That is almost worse from a tv viewing standpoint for me.

My personal viewing importance: innings 7-9, innings 1-3, period 3, innings 4-6, period 2, period 1

Flyers at 7, Phillies at 8 means that you can watch period 1 unhindered, period 2 during commercial breaks of innings 1-3, innings 4-6 during commercial breaks of period 3 and innings 7-9 unhindered.

Flyers at 6, Phillies at 8 means we get periods 1 and 2 unhindered and period 3 during commerical breaks of innings 1-3.

Why can't we just tell ****tsburg to suck it and start at 5? Does Crosby have a pedicure appointment he can't miss?
I would have suggested just starting at 1, but I guess not everyone involved (Pens, NHLPA, etc) agree with that. Fans leave by 4-5, gives 5-7 for Phils fans to pile in. Solves your viewing problem too.

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