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Originally Posted by PhoPhan View Post
Hello all.

First off, this is a great thread. Very informative.

Anyway, I have just moved to DC from Philadelphia (and I'm a Coyotes fan, so swap out your antipathy for indifference) and am trying to get to know the area. I figured this might be a good place to get some tips.

I'm living in Mount Pleasant and working in Foggy Bottom, and I feel comfortable enough to get to whatever part of the city might have something cool going on. I'm open to whatever recommendations you might have.

In particular, I'm on a hunt for a decent record store. I checked out the two on 18th in Adams Morgan (Smash and Crooked Beat), but I found them both pretty lacking, though more in terms of what I was looking for as opposed to overall inventory. I'm willing to grant that my tastes are relatively obscure and I've been spoiled by living near both the Princeton Record Exchange and Wuxtry Records in the past eight months. Still, I'm sure there are good places to buy vinyl in this town. I just don't know where they are.
There was a record store at 21st and P in Dupont....the building it was in burned down but I'm pretty sure that they've rebuilt and that the record store is still's on the second floor and there is a subway within a couple store fronts of it. Not sure of the name...for some reason I'm thinking the DJ Hut.

I've lived here my whole life so feel free to hit me up with questions...I'd highly recommend Eastern market...great've got to try the Pickle Guy.

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