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Originally Posted by Newhabfan View Post
Am I right ?
Nah. I think one game is not a whole lot to evaluate anything, but we still have enough eyes to see if the Bolts do play that vaunted puck pressure game, and get some idea of how it interacts with Martin's passive game. My suspicion is that in the long term the results won't be pretty for the Habs, but, in one game, anything could happen.

However, I think we do know that the Habs need to play a more puck-controlling game to be successful. We know that the team's "system" last year didn't involve that very much (assuming, as you point out, that there was such a thing). I don't think these are terribly controversial opinions. I personally think the passive style is Martin's doing, but I may yet be proven wrong and either way, aren't we agreed that this passive "let them shoot" style is doomed to failure and needs to change regardless of the cause?

Originally Posted by Newhabfan View Post
Oh, I forgot - Price sucks (that's why they would lose at start season) and Halak rulz - that why they won at the end despite Martin's system
Uh no, I certainly would say no such thing, thanks for putting nonsense in my mouth.

Both goalies were actually equally erratic at the start of last season and -- and this part is often forgotten by people -- it was Price that got stable first and got the teams its first real batch of wins, before Halak caught fire. However, by then the Habs had turned from a team that outplayed other teams at evens to a team that got shelled practically every game, so they generally couldn't win unless the goalie stood on his head.

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