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F Tony Gingras

(top right)

2x Stanley Cup Champion
4 goals in 5 games(goals in one game were omitted) in 1902 challenge series when the Vics won the Stanley cup
7 goals in 16 career Stanley Cup games
First Quebec-born player to win a Stanley Cup

Tony Gingras, who was a right wing, was a top scorer for the Winnipeg Victorias. In 1901, the Vics won the Stanley Cup and the national championship against the Montreal Shamrocks in a best of three series. He was also with the Victorias when they won the cup in 1902 by defeating the Toronto Wellingtons.

Gingras was an exceedingly agile player. The enthusiasm generated by this French-speaking Metis is believed to have led to the creation of the Montreal Canadiens. He was also credited with an innovative new hockey stick of a much more modern design.

According to newspapers of the time, who truly worshiped him because he was endowed with an extraordinary skill, a force Herculean and phenomenal flexibility.

Canadian hockey evolved from those sports. It was first developed in Nova Scotia in the 19th century, and was played in Montreal and Ottawa in 1875 and 1880. The immigrants to Canada who moved West in the late 19th century took the popular game along with them, and it was being played in Winnipeg and Victoria by 1890. Given the multicultural roots of hockey, it is not surprising that one of Canada's greatest players at the turn of the 20th century was a Métis from St. Boniface, Antoine "Tony" Gingras.

the legendary "Tony"
The first French Canadian to actually be on a Stanley Cup winning team was Antoine "Tony" Gingras of the Winnipeg Victorias in 1901. Born in St. Bonifice, Manitoba, Gingras played in the Cup series when Winnipeg beat the Shamrocks in Montreal.

Pushing hard for the tying goal, Winnipeg's Tony Gingras elbowed his way past Montreal's Bob MacDougall...

Winnipeg rookie sensation Tony Gingras zipped in the opening goal...

...along with his matinee idol left winger Tony Gingras

Gingras was a star on the Winnipeg team that challenged for Stanley Cups in the late 1800's and early 1900's, winning the Cup in 1901. Though Dan Bain is a name somewhat well-known to history buffs, Gingras has been long forgotten it seems. But the fiery rover was in all likelihood just as valuable to those Winnipeg teams as Bain was. He was known as one of the games greatest stickhandlers, and scored seven goals in 16 Stanley Cup games.
GHL's MVP - Tony Gingras

1901-02 - Montreal AAA - The Winnipeg Victorias, described as "rugged westerners," lost the Stanley Cup to Montreal in 1902, but not to the Shamrocks. The AAA, nicknamed the Winged Wheelers, won 2 games to 1. Interestingly, game 2, played on a Saturday night, had to be halted as midnight was struck. Hockey was not yet the official religion of Quebec, so the game was stopped to observe the day of rest.

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