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10-13-2010, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Newhabfan View Post
Rephrasing your position:

- If Tampa wins - the Boucher system was better than the Martin system

- If Tampa loses - the Boucher system needs time to set up

- The Habs played a lot better before the Martin system set up last year

- Ergo - the Martin system sucks (that is, if there is such thing).

Am I right ?

Oh, I forgot - Price sucks (that's why they would lose at start season) and Halak rulz - that why they won at the end despite Martin's system
Don't bother with him, he's to Jacques Martin what HalakRulz is to Carey Price.

Also, what he fails to understand is that Boucher's offensive system gets smashed into bits by a defensive system once in the playoffs. It happened in the CHL, it happened in the AHL, and it will happen again in the NHL.

He talks all high and mighty about 'outdated' coaching, and 'new NHL' coaching (load of BS), when we can see that defensive systems is what mostly has won cups, in the post, and pre-cap era. Offensive system teams like Washington and San Jose have always crash and burned in the playoffs against better defensive teams.

But yeah, we should really take ONE regular season game as the undisputed full measuring yardstick as to which system is the best. As misguided as the poster himself.

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