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Originally Posted by Elvstrand View Post

Whitney has a #1 role in Edmonton, Wisniewski has a #1 role with the Islanders, Christensen is the #1 or #2 center with the Rangers. Neither was a good fit here due to the system, but I'm not convinced Carlyle's system works at all anymore. The Ducks didn't exactly do well with Scotty, Pronger, Beauchemin, Pahlsson, Moen and Rob still on the team in 07/08 and 08/09 either, at least not in the regular season. This team was a sinking ship already before Murray took over. But if he and Carlyle can't turn things around pretty soon both should be fired imo.
They may have #1 roles on those teams but that's a testament to how bad those teams are, not how good Whitney, Wisniewski and Christensen are. It's only a matter of time before fans of the Islanders and Oilers are complaining about those guys just as we did. Christensen spent last year centering Gaborik and getting top offensive minutes only to barely put up 0.5PPG, hardly successful given the circumstances.

As for 07/08, the team struggled that year due to the Niedermayer & Selanne distractions, the cup hangover and the fact that we had no secondary scoring due to the trade of McDonald. Even then they managed over 100 points and if not for drawing the worst possible matchup in the first round in Dallas I'm sure they could have advanced further in the playoffs. In 08/09 the team was doing fine until Beauchemin went down and then stuggled from there on out due to no secondary scoring, Giguere's meltdown and the fact that outside of Pronger and Niedermayer there were no quality defenseman on the roster. I believe the top two pairings at one point consisted of Pronger, Niedermayer, Mikkelson and Festerling. As soon as Murray acquired some defenseman at the deadline and Hiller was declared the number one goalie, the team went on a tear and came awfully close to at least the conference finals, maybe even another finals appearance.

I agree that Carlyle may have worn out his welcome but I think the teams struggles have a lot more to do with Murray and the terrible defense cores and lack of a quality bottom 6 forward unit he's put out there than Carlyle's coaching. Murray needs to either rebuild or put out a competitive roster, not make half-assed signings that make it look like he's trying for the sake of filling a roster spot. The constant bargain hunting has grown old also.

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