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Originally Posted by OilGagner89 View Post
Me? Well i'm using an S19 and One95 ATM but I don't really like the S19, I feel it's harder to raise the puck (and i've never had that problem, my shot has always been good) and my shot gets thrown off. Had an S17 before and thought it was the best stick i've ever used, I noticed a difference in my shot the 1st shot I took with it however I also take a lot of slap shots and the S17 is not a slap shot stick.

I don't mind my One95 but I wished I gotten it in grip.

I'm definetly going to be replacing my S19.. that's the reason I made this thread just to get some suggestions for a new stick. The Total One stick looks intriguing I think I might have to try it.

I've also had an SE16, Vapour XXXX, Reebok 8.0.8 (Which was also awesome), and Syergy SE. All of those are good sticks but I like to switch it up every year.

Also here's another question; I'm too tall for senior sized sticks and i've been using extensions the past few years but they always end up coming out of the stick.. does anyone have suggestions for this? Is there anyway to find a stick past senior sized so I dont have to use an extension?
If you already have a one95 that you're fairly happy with, why exactly are you in the market for a new stick? Seems like a bit of a waste of money, play em till you break em. If the lack of grip is a big concern, you can try the Phil Kessel "candycane" tape job down the shaft.

As for the extensions falling out, I assume you're using glue from a glue gun? If so, a good 2-part epoxy should do the trick,as long as both surface are clean epoxy binds like no other and should not come loose ever. If it comes with glue already on it, get rid of that first, and if there's that weird thin plastic coating inside the stick you should probably get rid of the top couple inches of that too (where you'll be gluing, not sure about this as I don't use extensions, but maybe someone else can confirm, as it seems like carbon on carbon with epoxy would make for a stronger connection). Also make sure the plug fits well into the shaft, for example with your one95 I'd assume a Bauer supreme plug would fit perfectly:

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