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10-13-2010, 07:15 PM
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I played college puck but aside from a few confrontations that got heated, I wasn't usually one to chirp or take many penalties. I did chirp to my teammates in practice A LOT though. All kinds of things... I could chirp about anything, the only draw back being that it was easy with my teammates because they were all my friends so I felt extremely comfortable around them and if something I said ended up sounding dumb, no one would care. Chirps that backfire can be pretty embarrassing in an actual game.

Anyhow, favorites were little things like:

(Teammate talking a lot during team stretches at the start of practice): Hey Mikey, the only thing I see you stretching is your mouth.

(Beating a defender in a one-on-one drill, or watching them get beat) Eh, I've got an extra jock in the locker room... let me know if you need it after that one.

(Teammate's girlfriend in the stands) Don't be mad your girlfriend only comes to watch me, or so-and-so, play.

(Teammate's mom in the stands) Hey Brown, is that your girlfriend? No, than give her my number alright?

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