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10-14-2010, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by 2LeftSkates View Post
Isles fan here, I come in peace.
Just wanted to give a slightly different view of Colin Campbell. If Wiz were not an Islander, he would have only gotten one game. There are teams AND individuals who get treated differently than the rest. I agree that a role reversal here would have meant a longer suspension for Avery, which is not fair either.
You have to wonder what punishment there would be if Crosby or Ovechkin had done this. Campbell is a jack@$$, pure and simple. His job should be done by a committee to make things more fair.
To answer your question....Ovi would likely be suspended as the league has shown that it will come down tough on him for his actions...and it is silly to even think that Crosby would ever do such a thing. I hate him with a passion but the guy is a great player and never says a negative word about anyone.

Not to mention the difference between 1 and 2 game suspensions is minor. The islanders are not a hated team by the league at all. I would argue that the Rangers and Devils are likely the two most hated and unfavorable to the league. The rangers for there always high payroll (and now technical cap circumvention with Redden) and players such as Avery. The devils are hated, i believe, because lou lam has never been shy about voicing his opinion and now with there kovy debacle im sure didnt help.

Not to be a jerk to you but i dont think anyone really cares about the islanders that much.....even as a ranger fan....i dont really care about them. I hate philly, the devils and now the penguins (due to their favoritism) much more than i do the isles. Of course it annoys me when we lose to you guys but theyve been so bad for so long its kind of deaded my feelings on them.

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