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10-14-2010, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
It's the damned start of the season, it's not the middle. Now is EXACTLY the time to be playing Bobrovsky a lot. So what he hasn't played hockey in North America. Lundqvist didn't play hockey in North America either and he acclimated himself just fine. As for not having a goaltending coach, even more of a reason to keep Bobrovsky in Philadelphia so that he can work with a goaltending coach. Sending him to Adirondack is a death sentence with Idiot Stick down there.

What's so smart about rotating games with Doosh early in the season? Fear of Bobrovsky burning out after 10 games? Christ sakes, the kid is 22 years old and should be full of piss and vinegar to play. If he isn't, then it doesn't matter whether spoon feeding him games is a good idea or not because something else fundamentally wrong is going on.

It's three games into the god damn season. Giving Bobrovsky the start in 80% of the games remaining this month isn't going to kill him. Christ, you'd think that he never played hockey before.
I agree with you, there are some SERIOUS touchy feely liberal types on this here forum that WORRY about everything it seems.Bottom line is Bobrovsky is a goalie, he LOVES it, its in his blood, coach Lavy and Reese say the kid would practice 8hrs a day if you let him..To worry about is energy level is almost laughable to me ! Some of you cats should join the military and you would be SHOCKED as to how much you can do in a day for weeks on end.
Too much couch potato liberal frat boy mentality on this here board at times. Let Bobrovsky go for it, if he faulters badly then certainly he may need to go down to the AHL etc.....But just let the young lad do what his lifelong dream has been since his childhood and that is to play goal in the NHL.

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