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10-14-2010, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by ducks6607 View Post
Okay let's just clear this up. Fowler is not going down. The only way he will is if Murray gets greedy and wants to extend his contract. He will not be sent down for developmental reasons. He's playing against some of the top players in the nhl on one of the worst defenses in the league. And he is one of the best players on this blueline. He has a minus two on a team that has been scored on 16 times in four games. Not to mention he is second in time on ice on this team.

He's also 13th in total ice time in the league, and 8th in total shifts. Plus he leads all 2010 draftees in points and ice time.

He gets better every game, any mistakes he does make, he doesn't make twice.

We won the lottery with this kid. He's played very well against some of the top players in the league, and has impressed the hell out of carlyle. Have we ever heard Randy compliment a player so much. We have. With one player. Scott niedermayer.

I won't say he's the next Niedermayer, but I won't say he's not either. Their games are so similar, it isn't out of the question. The thing that made Scotty a legend was his calm and poise. Qualities Fowler possesses. At the same age Niedermayer's game was identical to Fowler's. The only difference is Scotty had Stevens. Fowler has Mara. But with the right development, fowler has the potential to be the next Doughty. At his worst he'll be a Kaberle but better.

I say he stays.
i think thats extremely optimistic but i woudl hope that at worst hes a kaberle haha, so far it seems like hes making people regret passing him up..

theres no doubt hes been amazing so far though.. i think hes been better than nieds so far but i guess we couldnt really compare because nieds spent a year in juniors first

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