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10-14-2010, 03:22 PM
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Hey guys I am new here and saw this thread about Josh Cooper. I think over all he has done a great job putting out information and news on a daily basis. He has shown signs of being much better than what we have had in the past. Although I do agree both of his headliners on the first two games have been horrible. The team needs to draw more than just casual fans and he plays a big role in this. If you take someone that has never been to a game and they read these two headlines then they think goaltender seriously hurt and they got lucky to win the game. When the fact is they outplayed both teams so far and the home crowd was completely great Saturday night. Cooper could do alot to help sale tickets by just what he prints in the paper.

Here is another thing that I don't understand about all national talk about the Preds attendance. Last season their overall attendance was 614,143. If every ticket was sold last season then the attendance would be 701,633. That is 87% to capacity. Do we as fans want to sale out every game? Do we want to be a team that has 10 to 12 thousand corporate season ticket holders? Do we want our goal zone tickets to cost 100 dollars or higher? The Preds have done a terrific job of building the fan base around the kids, if you take ticket prices that high then most families would not be able to afford tickets and the kids would not be there.

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