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Originally Posted by Bohemian93 View Post
Hey Guy's I'm taking a secondary 5 french course at an adult education centre in St Lambert and one of my assignments was to write my thoughts of the film Nitro and what i would do in the main characters shoes.Can someone look over it, It's very limited in vocabulary and probably has a good number of mistakes.

Le film Nitro ne pas interessant par ce que l'histoire est unique mais complétement different pour mon preference.Le film changé l'histoire que devient une romance que vous-faire inquiet par ce que vous savez la seul raison qu'il a une la blonde est d'as surer une organe ou la couer pour sa femme. Leur ne pas significiance qaund son blonde mort a la fin de le film.

Si J'etais en la place de la caractère primaire de le film Nitro. Je préférerais faire beaucoup mais ne blesser un homme de police pour ma couer . Pas meme si c'est necessaire . Je préférerais ma vie avant la vie de un autre personne. Tous Jours Je pense de me avant meme la familale.
Ouch. It's pretty hard to understand what you're saying. But I can give you a few pointers for mistakes you seem to make often. I think the main thing is that you seem to be trying to go from English to French in a way that doesn't quite work.

In negation, "ne" and "pas" go around the verb unless it's in the infinitif.
Be careful with your tenses. Might I suggest a Bescherelle?
"Parce que", "coeur", "toujours" are spelled wrong (as are other things).
While "caractère" exists as a word, it means something different. It's better to say "personnage".

A great site for learning a language (I've found) is
I used it a lot for high school German because cases were difficult.

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