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Originally Posted by Thunderstruck
Tenenbaum represents one team. He was promptly put in his place by the other owners.

Please post a link to Bettman's "pleas not to sign draft picks until a new CBA is in place"?

Owners are arguing over draft order, not calling for Bettman's head if he doesn't get a deal done soon.

I never stated there was unanimity on the owners side on all issues. I simply stated that he has his group under control and that none of his clients is openly calling for his head on a platter.

How is Bobby doing?

Domi, Roenick, Orr and PA apologist/writer Conway have all called for him to step aside if he doesn't strike a deal soon.

PS I don't hate the PA. However, I am rather enjoying watching that arrogant ***** Goodenow getting squashed like a bug.
You believe Domi is 100% behind Bettman alright ..

If you are on one side and you accuse the side of Gouging and Union busting, not sure how you translate that to Gary is doing fine and Bob needs replacing .. !!


"You can only gouge so much and Gary is gouging," Domi said. "It's not a way to have a partnership. Is Gary trying to break the union? I think he is. I think Gary's more to blame than Bob.....
Man the undying love from Domi towards Bettman is so touching , Hallmark is thinking of making that into a Fathers day card for Bettman ..

Here is the Orr quotes:

Boston Bruins legend Bobby Orr is calling on National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman and players union executive director Bob Goodenow to ''get out of the way'' if they can't solve the impasse that triggered the cancellation of the NHL's season.
In a column written for the Sunday Eagle-Tribune, the 1970s hockey star wrote, ''Our sport is in danger of becoming irrelevant unless both sides immediately put an end to this nonsense.''

Orr said in his column published Sunday that he initially resisted the urge to comment on the labour dispute and resulting shutdown of the NHL's season because he believed the two sides would resolve their differences for the good of the game.

"But he said he no longer believes either side was interested in getting a fair deal done. "

"Owners and players must demand that Bettman and Goodenow meet immediately, and keep meeting until they emerge with either an agreement or a statement that they can't resolve their differences and they are stepping aside," Orr wrote.
Bobby Orr .. Isn't even a member of the NHLPA ..Does it even matter what he says ??.. Certainly not used to support anti-union solidarity issue anyways ..

Besides I have highlighted his comments, only a total blinded by rage person towards the PA could use these comments to support that Goodenow ONLY must go position .. Read it again slowly and you will see its BOTH not just one side ..

Then ask yourself how is Bettman doing ??

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