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10-15-2010, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
Ummm, what?

But still, I hope I hear from her in the morning or afternoon.
Solid, despite the fact that others think I was a bit harsh with you in my previous post on the situation, I actually really feel for you man and only say what I say in a tough love kind of situation (and because it was honestly the only way you had a chance of getting this girl).

Let me be honest again with you right now:

She isn't answering you because she doesn't want to, she knows what you are doing and she is not interested, but she also cares about you enough (strictly platonically, though) to not want to hurt your feelings.

I have never been in your position, but I do know what it is like to get **** on by a girl... you are going to sit at home all night, likely by yourself, really upset about this girl dicking you over and it will be one of the longest, hardest nights of your life.

I have seen what pining over one girl does to a guy. I have also seen how happy they are once they finally realize it is not to be and discover a true, mutual relationship (or piece of ass).

Listen, my girlfriend is going to her parents today because she is going to the Phils game tommorrow (*****), so I was going to just stay absurdly long at the gym and then come home and see how many Blue Moons it takes for me to start losing in HUT (probably more than I have left in the fridge, though - 7), but if you want to we could meet up at a bar somewhere and I could be your wingman and try to give you some pointers in person on what you're doing wrong.

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