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10-15-2010, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Puckface Avery View Post
No i am not DRUNK. Cally is a 20 goal scorer who will put up 40 points consistently. He is not captain material....agree to disagree if you want to. Sandy McCarthy also won the Steven McDonald Award multiple times does that warrant him to be captain?

I understand that you hold Cally in high regards and so do I, he is a necessary player to have on a successful team and I do think he is a good player, that i respect for always giving his all. The thing is he cannot lead by example because he is simply not talented enough.

Like it or not, Cally will be nothing more than an above average third liner throughout his career. This isnt a negative thing its just what he is. Some guys come in the league and just have raw talent like Gaborik. Other guys don't have that kind of talent but have an above average work ethic like Cally.

Again a great guy to have on your team but at the same time he is not the heart of this team. IMO the heart of the team this year is Gabby and henrik. Cally is more soul....if you can grasp what im saying.
Captains don't have to be dynamic goal scorers. Look at Drury last year. He had 32 points and was captain. He might not of scored a whole bunch, but the way he handled himself and how he sacrifices his body when on defense can be intagibles that the team can look at and say "That's what we should be doing". It's leadership on the ice, how he handles himself in the locker room, how much does he put out on the ice. Nobody can deny that Cally leaves everything he has on the ice. Don't you want every player on the team to do that?

Gabs and Hank are heart and souls because Gaborik is the only one to be able to score 40+ goals and Lundqvist (not saying he isn't captain material) is a top 5 goalie. You don't even see an A on Gaborik and he scores goals, but Cally has an A. There's obviously something that's right with this kid.

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