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10-15-2010, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Is the sitting capacity of the arena the real issue here? Quebec City, if I remember correctly, was almost always at full capacity and they lost their team.

I think the real issues are two: ancillary revenue streams & what's in store for the Canadian loonie vis a vis the greenback. NHL teams pay in American shekels.

Manitoba has a pop of 1.5, Saskatchewan .6, the northern territories maybe 100K if you count all the caribou buggered by lonely northerners and maybe you can add some western & northern ontarians who dislike the Toronto Make Believes and maybe you have a total audience of 2 - 2.5 mil at best. Is that enough to support a contending NHL team with a players' payroll of 60 mil + whatever else it takes to staff, manage and run the team which will be another 30-35 mil. So we're talking about an operating budget of 90-95 million?

15,000 * $150(average) = 2,250,000

2,250,000 * 41 (season games) = 92,250,000.

They better hope that all 2.5 million prospective viewers leave the caribou long enough to watch the telecast & buy the merchandise. And also that the loonie doesn't tumble too far behind the greenback.

I'd like Winnipeg to get a team but the numbers just don't crunch to a successful franchise.
A lot of the money made at NHL rinks is from concessions and especially luxury boxes by businesses. The average ticket price would probably be lower than $150, but if you have 100 luxury boxes bringing in $2,000 per game, that's over 8 mil, and those are sold before the season.

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