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10-15-2010, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
So, if Sauer plays instead of Gilroy tonight we make the playoffs last year? Interesting.

Maybe, just maybe, Torts is doing this to send Sather a message. Ie... "give me a viable option now that you've demoted Redden and left me without a 3rd guy on the left side".

Sorry, but I can't give you the benefit of the doubt on assessing Gilroy's NHL abilities after 69 games and jumping straight (despite being older) from college to the NHL. It's too early. He might not be able to handle it from either side. You aren't going to find out in scrimmages and pre-season games.

I get what your point is. I don't agree with it given the options Tortorella has. SOMEBODY is going to be playing on the left side with a right-handed shot. Might as well see who handles that the best.
My point is that you can't just say oh it's only one game and nonsense like that. It's early in the season blah blah. These games matter. Every one does.

I am not against Gilroy getting a shot, but if he's going to he needs to be allowed to play his normal side.

He struggled far too much last year to now throw him onto the other side out of nowhere.

I understand someone is going to be playing the left side with a right handed shot, but that's a decision the coach made.

I also hope that your theory on Torts trying to send a message to Sather that way is way off base. If they can't just talk to each other then we've got a serious issue here. Tortorella's job is to put the team in a position to win hockey games. I don't believes he's giving the team and his players the best chance to do that.

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