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05-07-2005, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER
They got progressively worst. In trying to keep a sinking ship afloat, he traded away good prospects for way over the hill stars and role players.He filled the roster aging relicts. Then in a the move that sealed the franchises faith, he let Mess go ...
Stop! Stop! Stop! You're missing the point entirely. This isn't about whether or not Smith was competent. It's about how his drafts were seen in the year following the draft. Forget about Messier, Skrduland, Keane, and all the other trade; they have nothing to do with this conversation.

Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER
Then smith ... drafts Brendl. I saw Brendl and Lundmark's 1st games as NYR's in Atlanta in preseason. I was appalled that Brendl could not skate! .... Lundmark was, well a mild breeze knocked him off the puck and it still does today. Also what about Manny? 3 top picks, 3 stiffs.
And were those three seen as stiffs the year after they were drafted? No. We still saw Brendl as a future goal scorer, Lundmark as his first-line center, and Malhotra as an elite third line checker and the team's future captain. And fans weren't the only ones. In the year after they were drafted, both Brendl and Lundmark were top 10 in THN's Future Watch. They were both considered among the top ten prospects in the game.

But you're proving my point, so thank you. Just as those three have come nowhere near their projected potential, exactly the same may eventually be said for Korpikoski, Balej, Immonen, and every other player acquired on or through that day of trading. This is why Sather gets no credit for his deadline deals. If all he got for that many NHLers was a collection of Malhotras, Lundmarks, and Brendls, Sather's deadline was an utter and complete failure.

Only time will tell if Sather should be credited for anything that happened at the trade deadline. At the moment we can only judge him for his work until that day. (Note that we will also one day judge him for his subsequent decision regarding Umberger.)

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