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10-15-2010, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
Yeah bud, that must be it.

Which do you think is more plausible:

a) Less people are going to Flyers games because the economy has been in the toilet for over two years and nobody has money.

b) People are tired of the product in the NHL, and therefore not willing to go see the second home game of the year for a team that made the Stanley Cup Finals just this past season for the first time in thirteen years. And in a game that featured possibly the past decade's most beloved player's return to the city for the first time.

Thanks for playing, chief.
Thanks for playing what? You keep believing it is the economy. That is a cop out. Is it part of the issue, probably, not the sole reason by a long shot. The economy has been better over the last year + anyway. There are many people who have not renwed their season ticklets because they are fed up with the product on the ice. That is a fact. Gagne didnt sell tickets when he played and is return wont sell, regardless of the economy. so his return is irrevlevent

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