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10-15-2010, 02:48 PM
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I really don't think last night was as terrible as everyone seems to be saying, (especially on the radio on the way home from the game).

Bouche was not terrible, defensive breakdowns screwed him on the first two goals. We owned the first period, hands down, but couldn't buy a goal. There was great energy but no one was able to finish it off.

Observations from the game overall

Carter started to really show some energy, using the body, putting on some pressure - Problem was it took away some of his control.

Hartnell and Carcillo were invisible. Shelly needs to watch wtf he's doing as pucks slide infront of him to the opposing offense.

Zherdev had some serious speed, but lacked the control. When he gets his feet under him again, I think he will be very dangerous. The entire play which led to his goal was magnificent.

JVR wins the night. Hope to see more of the same.

Leino tried to be fancy with the puck but his skates got in the way.

The biggest glaring issue I saw was how the Lightning basically smothered the Flyers as the game went on. Everytime the Flyers got deep, everytime they came into the zone, everytime they took a shot, there was a body, a stick, or two bodies there to get in the way or force the play to the outside.

Powerplay is abysmal...but we all knew that. Luckily this year, my ticket plan has me sitting with some other guys who actually PLAY hockey. Now when the rest of the center is screaming SHOOT...when theres no lane to shoot...the 6 of us can laugh and continue on enjoying the game...

Also..... 4 x 6. You're professionals. FOUR BY SIX!

PS - Gagne was wearing the wrong colored jersey. That is all.

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