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10-15-2010, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by King Woodballs View Post
Winnipeg has the most millionaries per capita in the country.

however I wont disagree with the UFA comment.
I could see this being an issue

Millionaires don't fill the seats, or at least 40 or 50 of them won't. Its your middle class that you need. Comparing Ottawa is a great example, bigger city and they can't sell out 41 games.

You have to remember, even 15 000 x 41 = 615 000

That is how many people you need to go to fill up every game. With a population of 675 000, you need practically every person to go to a game to be successful. Thats hard to do when you eliminate children that are too young, elderly.

Then you factor in income, factor out a good chunk of women. The average fan would need to attend close to 10 games a season to make the team viable imo.

Are there that many people out there that can afford 10 games @ $50 a pop? I just moved to the states (Indianapolis) and my goal this year is to catch games within 4 hours drives of me and one Habs home game. I'll be lucky to see 4-5 games.

If I lived in Montreal, I don't think I would see 10 games and I'm a life long die hard fan. I just don't see them having the population and money to do it.

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