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05-07-2005, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER
Retooled, by trades, not picks. The nucleus of his drafts were the core of the team that has had the run. The fact is that their recent drafts have been medicore to poor. Why? They are not getting the high picks they had when they built the team. They have had to trade for the pieces. That cost something. They have nor replaced the nucleus.

Yep, and meanwhile when the puck is next dropped on an NHL rink, the Devils will be an indisputable favorite to compete yet again for another Cup....and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

And Lou has to prove himself. To whom?

Yep, Lou has switched coaches there!...that is what he should be measured on, that over-the-hill exec! Three Cups and a decade's worth and counting of contending teams be damned.

Devils haven't won a Cup in 24 months, including 12 in which there has been no NHL hockey. A-ha! Guess old man Lou is slippin'! That alledged shoddy drafting and system is already taking its toll.

I root for a team (NYI) that I would give my left arm to see hire Lou as GM. As an NYR fan, one would think any sane person would do same. Instead, you feebly try to diminish his ACCOMPLISHMENTS, pass off all credit to his hire and underling, and distort current reality, as in where this Devils franchise is currently position for today and moving forward. Yep, the Devils future lies solely on prospects Parise and Zajac. The rest of the pipeline is barren, eh? Not to mention youngsters on their NHL roster (Hale, Martin, etc.). Not to mention, the fallacy that those "old men" Brodeur, Elias, Gomez, Niedermayer, etc. are all going to retire or stop playing exceptional hockey anytime soon. (I know, I know, Nieds is certain to live NJD for greener Vancouver! ) The idea that there is an urgent need to "replace" that nucleus is baseless. You are espousing myth, based on your hope.

And, finally, as petty Devil detractors have been doing for a decade, you conveniently overlook the one advantage that franchise has over ALL others: a system of winning, an environment in place conducive to success, one that transcends the players therein. Instead, you just keep counting up the lack of prossssspects (your misguided assessment) they supposedly have on paper and predict failure...just as your ilk has done each summer for the last 10 years when comparing the Devils unexciting NHL roster with your team's high-priced "star-studded" lineup...on paper.

We've been without NHL hockey for 12 months now, but thankfully some of our memories are not that short. A well-run, decade-long-top-tier franchise as of June 2004 won't suddenly morph into a liability once hockey resumes, your delusional wishes notwithstanding.

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