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Why 1997?

Originally Posted by RangerFan13
Why from 1997? It makes sense from our point of view since it's the last time the Rangers made the playoffs, but I can't see why you are using that year when discussing the Devils. Could you explain, please?

Also, it's not as if players drafted before then don't count. Plenty of players drafted by the Devils in the early and mid 90s are either still contributing to the team or were moved for other players that are either currently contributing or were traded again for other assets.
I think everyone would agree that that year marked our last decent year. From that point in time the direct of the two organizations took dramatic turns, one for the better, the other for the worst. Prior to that I would think that most observers would say that the two teams were fairly even, even though we had beaten them in 94 and 97 playoffs. From 95 on the devils had a nucleus developed that they were able to build on from their drafts prior to 95 that allowed them to add to that nucleus and become the core of the team for the next 10 years. That nucleus is now on the verge of running out of the normal 10 year cycle of prime playing years.
Since 95 the devils raft position has gotten worst with their success, that's normal.
Now the core of that nucleus from 95 - 2001 is past or nearing 30.

Since 97 we have done poorly? Why? Doing our run we traded away many quality propsects. Was that bad? Not necessarily. All contenders do it. The answer lies in what the return was that was recieved. Not in terms of the length that the player you(s) you recieved in return produces, but whether the team achieved its goal.
Too often in those trades we paid far to much for what we received. Those were major negatives. They did not produce the result and we lost valuable young assets. When you win that hides the price. When you don't achieve it opens you up to all sorts of second guessers.

In short 97 in the point I use to describe our downfall, while the devils continue to roll on as they enjoyed the benefits of their low drafting position from the prior years to continue to infuse their organization and eventually their roster with these propsects. But, as they continued to succeed the drafting prowless begins to slide by 2001. Compare the drafts from 2001 and foward. Consider that our organization has been mocked, while their's exulted. Since 2001 there is amrked difference. Nothing has really changed in the devils organization over that period has it?
Or has it? Development of prospects take 3,4 or 5 years from the time you select them and the impacts of poor or good drafts do not show themselves until then.
Unless of course you are one of those many second guessers and guys with the 20/20 hindsight, then you know what the answer is already, but you just won't say what is it until the facts provide your point!

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