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Barney, do you still have the one bullet Andy let's you have?

Originally Posted by Trottier

Yep, and meanwhile when the puck is next dropped on an NHL rink, the Devils will remain an indisputable favorite to compete yet again for another Cup.

And Lou has to prove himself. To whom?

Let's guess, next up, you'll try presenting as convincing a case for WMD in Iraq.

Your petty jealousy of a superbly run franchise and the best executive in professional sports is insufferable. First the Devils win Cups with mirrors. Then their fanbase stinks. Now, Lou is becoming "another Torrey". Yep, a Hall of fame executive, an overseer of one of the best franchises of its time. Now that's a reputation to shy away from.

A team message board in which 95% of the posters have a realistic grip on where their team has been in recent years and how it will right itself is great reading. It's that other 5% that simply cannot acknowledge success in others - players, teams, management - that is PATHETIC.

Yep, Lou has switched coaches there!...that is what he should be measured on, that over-the-hill exec!

Devils haven't won a Cup in 24 months, including 12 in which there has been no NHL hockey. A-ha! Guess old man Lou is slippin'.

I root for a team (NYI) that I would give my left arm to see hire Lou as GM. As an NYR fan, one would think any sane person would do same. Instead, you feebly try to diminish his ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and distort current reality, as in where this Devils fraachise is currently position for today and moving forward. We've been without NHL hockey for 12 months now, but thankfully some of our memories are not that short.

A well-run, decade-long-top-tier franchise as of June 2004 won't suddenly morph into a liability once hockey resumes, your childish, delusional wishes notwithstanding.
I would tell you to use it and blow your brains out, but obviously you don't have one to blow out!

In leveling criticism at Lou for his numberous coaches is that wrong? I am using it as an example for those who critize Slats. The difference is the devils success has covered his poor selections up. If they were not poor slections why were they fired?

As far as Sather being an over the hill exec, maybe. But certainly not at the time he was brought in. He ran an efficient organization that has extremely limited financial resources. HAs he done the job that was expected of him when he came here? I don't think so. At the same time you can not change course in mid stream. as an organization we have done that far too often in the past. NY is not LI, or NJ.
You guys won 4 cups in a row and who knew or cared? No one! Same in NJ.
I wouldn't worry about us I would be more worried about your own team where on many a night the Gwinnett Gladitors down here almost draw as many fans as you!

As far as any delusion sI may or may not have, still doesn't answer the questions as to why Lou went out and spent $60M+ on salaries. I'm just pointing out what he did. Why? No one else was doing it? What pocessed him to do it the year he knew the CBA expired? That's not a mistake? I'm sure you are one of the experts who think he was going to trade those contracts. Why would someone trade for a UFA you signed to a old level salary with the new level coming in and when they could have signed the same player for just cash and not give you a pick or player in return. That kind of thinking is nuts.

Lou is a great GM, he is not without mistakes or faults. His stance on Van Ryn is why we now have unsigned drafted UFAs. He treats players like serfs. That works only when you are winning, the moment that stops the players will go elsewhere. Holik is a clasic example. He could have signed him for a lot less the year contract expired, but no he had to a AH. Competes with the NYR to sign him then lies about and says it was for less. BS.

His style of play has killed a whole league. Something to be proud of.

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