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10-15-2010, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
Actually I have a lot of confidence in myself, especially around her. Also, she is probably the single busiest person I know. So I can understand why she doesn't want to date right now, she pretty much just doesn't have the necessary time to really do so. And what makes you think she doesn't want me? It's for guys and girls to want something they don't have, so that generalization doesn't help your argument. And I have met a few women that didn't want to date, especially after getting out of a disastrous relationship. As kind of with her last ex, who was a complete *******, wanted complete control of her, and even persists on trying to date her, to even the point of recently trying to ask her at her church, one he doesn't go to, just to ask her to date him again. So yeah, she kind of went through a rough time with the last guy.
Well with her ex that is completely understandable nobody likes being controlled it is annoying. The whole dating thing I have heard girls say they didn't want to date for a while after a bad relationship, but they have never actually meant it and would get into a different relationship quickly. That might just be because Philadelphia girls are a bit on the odd side.

I don't have an argument was just stating an opinion. The whole dinner situation just seems like a sign to me. You ask her to dinner which is a pretty personal thing she doesn't answer. If she was busy she could just say I am busy how about another night. But she isn't answering which to me seems like she doesn't want to tell you no because she knows it would hurt your feelings.

But still you know her more than any of us do so just trust your instincts.

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