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10-16-2010, 01:17 AM
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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
Let's try not to diminish a rational hockey conversation by panning an entire segment of the board with insulting comments about their political beliefs or way of life, eh?

It really makes you sound unintelligent when you can't try to prove a point without resulting to personal bashing or acting condescending. You're not better than any of us here on this board just because we disagree with your mentality and aren't in the military.
If i came across as arrogant, or as a know it all etc, i respectfully apoligize to anyone offended, for such was not meant to degrade nor demean anyone personally. My statement about the military was nothing more than my simply solidifying the point that a young 22 year old that loves his position as goalie will not be overburdened by playing a lot of games, and folks who worry that he will or might not be up to it, would be blown away by how much a person can do and perform for long stretches under horrid conditions as military members do day in day out, as compared to a young NHL goalie who may play 3 or 4 games a week ? I think the lad can handle it just fine .....I am not in the military, i retired after 20 years of service in 1998. [ I am old school i suppose and please don't be offended by any light hearted ribbing on my part folks, just having fun stirring the pot a little. ] Go Flyers.

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