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10-05-2003, 08:05 AM
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I don't want this *TYPE* of player on my team. Period. Not because he didn't produce, but because he doesn't care (on the ice). Did some of you who are all up for it actually watched him play? This guy is a soft floater that NEVER goes in the corners and takes 2/3 shifts off.

He has incredible hands... Woohoo. So does Daigle. But this is not the kind of player you find on contenders. Unless he decides all of the sudden to make a 180 and start working, being involved and actually caring for his job, he will probably never be a good player. He might end up scoring 30, but that won't make a *GOOD* player out of him, because you don't know when he's going to take the night off, he does not contribute defensively, he does not contribute physically, he brings nothing else.

Hey people, I brought the Czerkawski comparison for a reason. 21 goals in 98-99, but -10. 35 (!) goals in 99-00, but -16. 30 goals in 00-01, but -24. 22 goals in 01-02, but -8. Don't you see a trend here. The more the production, the less "effective" he becomes. Does not play defense and concentrate on a run and gun style. How can it be good (especially for us) if his line scores 2 every night but costs 3?.

There's a reason why this proven 30 goal scorer (the polish prince) could be had for peanuts... Everybody wanted to get rid of Czerkawski a couple of months ago yet now we should bring in Brendl (to replace him???). NO MORE HEARTLESS SOFTIES PLEASE! I'm sorry but "good hands" and "raw talent" are not the only things to consider here. The bad of Brendl EASILY overshadows the good.

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