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10-16-2010, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
For a guy that got "sucker punched", Reaves sure got up fast and ready to throw punches at Tootoo once he was tied up. Toots lays a big hit, Reaves comes to challenge him, Reaves needs to know Toots is going to engage him and the fact that he wasn't is his own dang fault. I get sick and tired of Toots throwing a good check, someone coming to challenge him and when he defends himself, off a clean hit, he gets in trouble? It's BS. It's a tough sport. Reaves is just another punk in the Blusers line of chumps. Too bad Toots didn't get a fair shake at him but then again, if he did, Reaves still may laying on the ice with a busted up face. I hope they go at it next time we play them.

As far as the game goes, nice to see Leggy, Ward, Dumont and Sully getting off to fast starts. Also nice to O'Reilly playing as well as he has. I've been impressed with the work ethic and the change in game plan and letting the skills of these guys really take over. Their passing has been crisp, they're using their speed and their shooting the puck. What a nice concept. Glad to see everyone is buying in to what Trotz has preached and you can see the change in the overall game of the team.

It's also nice to have Ward healthy this year. I thought he'd get bumped down to a 4th line role but him being healthy is going a long way so far.
It's hard to tell about O'Reilly because he is on the top line. If he were on the 4th line like Dumont his skills wouldn't be so evident. Where Dumont has shown no matter what line he's on he's setting up everyone. But Leggy and Ward have shown to be on top on their game. It's still early but hope for continued sucess. Any win now means you don't have to scramble later in the season to get them

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