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10-05-2003, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by CrAzY_NiNe
I agree but totally disagree. What you are saying is because he is a diffrent player then chow and Balej that he can't be bad on the team? Well look at Kilger, he through his body around, but he doesn't score all that much and we ride him like a dog. I want Ryder to be a great player, but they have to proove it over countless seasons, not just one. I also worry about Markov now. He had one good season, will he have a nother or was that his peak? I am not putting either of these guys down, just merely looking at the bare essentials of everything not the great upsides or even the terrible downsides, but the hard on facts of the possibility of them stumbling.
Again, Kilger is not consistent at all and does not work every shift, let alone every night. Ryder works like if his life depended on it every single shift. Look, I'm not saying we would be crazy to play Ryder on a 4th line in a grinding role as he can do that too, but if a guy like Ryder plays on a scoring line with 2 small players he brings something else to the table aside from goals. He grinds it hard in the corners, he hits, creates some room... Those qualities warrant he'll be useful no matter where he plays. And in all honesty, I'd much rather have him play on the second line and score 12-13 goals this year than Audette who could probably score 20 but be overall lest effective and cost us more goals.

Of course, again, I agree in the essence of your idea that pre-season means nothing, but nonetheless he earned his ice time by being the best along with Ribeiro. That's how things work. If you earned your spot during pre-season, it's yours to lose...

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