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Originally Posted by svartgul View Post
zecke26: I feel I should inform you that during Rundblad's earlier two seasons with Skellefteå he only had a single goal (two if you count the one McDonell stole from him against Frölunda his first year). There goes your offense theory
To make your theory even more obviously false I'll add the name Jyri Marttinen. However even if you would be right, what's bad about it?
in case of rundblad it's of course more about offense. this kid can play and he can look spectacular. he's a pretty fancy player.
my goal example was of course not real unless rundblad really causes 3 goals against per game.

and there's nothing wrong with it. don't get me wrong. rundblad is entertaining to watch. i just think he needs to improve his defense even more. while i enjoy offensive hockey, i can't help but enjoy defense even more. yeah i know, that's strange.
larsson is the better 2way player and i think he will be more valuable in the NHL because he should be able to log big minutes in any situation while rundblad will be mainly an offensive defender.
hard to compare these type of players. i think you need both.

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