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10-16-2010, 09:55 PM
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Dangerous for the goalie, dangerous for the skater. Bad all around. I'm surprised they didn't penalize Hasek. I'm also surprised the league didn't add a "Hasek rule" to ban this move like they did with Avery's tomfoolery. (Yes, there are hip checks, but that's a part of hockey. This, arguably, isn't.)

What happened to Gaborik is bad enough; there's a very high risk of inflicting injury from the skater crashing to the ice on his head or shoulders. But let's take into mind the other possibilities here.

Scenario 1: The skater tries to jump over you, but his timing is off. Two skate blades with 200 lbs of weight on them lands on your legs, torso, arms, whatever.

Scenario 2: The skater sees you with a decent amount of time and tries to make a sharp turn, but loses his footing and slides feet-first. Again, 200 lbs coming towards you skates-first. I think most goalies have been in this situation -- a guy on a breakaway going full speed, then losing his footing -- and it's never a good thing. (Every time when guys slide into me, I'm standing up or in butterfly... I really wouldn't want a guy sliding skates first when my neck and head are on ice level.)

Scenario 3: Your defenceman is close behind, trying to keep up with the attacker but skates just around you. Meanwhile, you slide into the attacker and take him out feet-first. What happens to his skates? They fly up into the air and then back down. A huge risk to any other player standing in the near vicinity.

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