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10-17-2010, 04:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Loscar View Post
No i dont think so. Lets be serious..
Armia is not that far off from what for example James van Riemsdyk was in his draft year. Therefore if he stays healthy and keeps developing the way he has, he could be a top-3 pick. I might be fairly alone with my opinion, but it doesn’t bother me, I’m comfortable with it. Armia's game is improving from game to game, that's a sign of a talented athlete, a rarity in Finnish hockey. Armia is still a skinny kid, once he gets more strength to go with that attitude, he could rise to a whole new level. His lower body alone has a lot of room for improvement.

I followed Joni Pitkänen’s development very closely during his draft year, and I must say that in terms of talent level, Armia might be on a same level. Let’s hope that Armia doesn’t suffer from knee injuries and has a better head than Pitkänen.

Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
Let's not...
Yeah, let's not. In a dream world Kiira doesn't look like his dad Rauno and Pulu is actually a power forward.

Originally Posted by Jack DiBiase View Post
Kid is on hot streak right now, so let's see what happens in the cold and dark weeks of November. But what you said "if he keeps this pace up", there's no doubt he will challenge those guys for that top-3. But even, if he doesn't keep the streak going, there's almost certainty that he won't fall past the top-10, just based of those few youtube clips alone. However, the season is very long and we'll have to wait some more. Hopefully Ässät can lend him to the world juniors. Should be a super exciting tournament for us, if we get all of our top guns.
I’m not expecting Armia to keep scoring at present pace, there will surely be weaker periods as well. Opponents will also start paying much more attention to him now that he has become a household name in SM-liiga. His moves and wrist shot won’t be a surprise to anyone anymore. The phrase “if he keeps this pace up" refers more to the pace of his development, not so much to his stats.

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