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10-17-2010, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by mhurley View Post
Wow, just going back and reading some of these comments makes me think some of the posters were raised by Skinheads. Seriously, listen to yourselves.

The situation Friday night went beyond name calling and bird flipping. As I was leaving the Garden I saw a fan in a Leaf jersey bleeding from the face with blood all over his jersey and the floor. That's completely unnecessary and criminal.

The bad behavior needs to stop.
Do you have any idea what that Leaf fan was doing all game? Did he deserve it? Was he the antagonist of that situation? How can you make a poor judgment of Ranger fans if you have no idea what happened?

Yea, sometimes the home fans are the antagonist just because they're dicks. For example, the prior post about the group of dudes picking on a sens fan and his girl in a preseason game.

But in some situations fans go to road games to be antagonists. There are some drunk or a-hole Rangers fans but there are also away fans who are just as drunk who enjoy being the antagonist as an away fan and go to the game looking to be confrontational. You can't bring up this subject without placing some of the blame on those types.

And most importantly I would much rather there be intensity in the crowd, even if there is an instance or two where it goes over the line, than there be no intensity at all. That experience is why you pay to go to the game instead of watching on TV for free. The guys in suits who show up to their seats in the 100's in the 2nd period and don't make a sound for 2 hours piss me off way more than the guy in the 400's who's into the game, even if he's heckling an away fan now and then.

It's a fast, physical, intense sport and that's why most of the fans go to the games. Throw thousands of people mostly from the demographic that's going to enjoy that type of entertainment into a crowd and there will be some examples of bad behavior. There are many, many other forms of entertainment available in NYC. If anyone isn't happy with their experience in the MSG crowd they're free to go enjoy another type of entertainment.

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