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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
Should this be by the hour or by the session?
I've done some tutoring (academic, but the labour market dynamics are similar) and I would recommend hourly. If you do it by the the session students tend to wiggle into time just before and just after the scheduled session. After a while you're "90 minute sessions" start to take 110 minutes.

However, if she's willing to pay considerably more per session than you figure it would work out to on an hourly basis then bill by the session. The little overages before and after create a perception of you "going the extra mile" without charging her more.

I also recommend writing out a few notes on what you plan to cover during the session, what you noticed last time (and how to improve it if necessary), and some things the kid can work on at home. You're in a position where you're billing a woman for something she probably has a limited understand of. Even if she doesn't really know what your notes mean she'll appreciate that you appear to have a plan.

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