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^ The person who said "I never met him..." was Mel Bridgman though others issued similar sentiments.

Shero didn't leave the Flyers on the best of terms (compensation draft pick resulted in Ken Linseman) but he certainly ended his physical time on Earth wrapped in the arms of Flyers' management through assisting in payment of his medical bills and how individuals like Ed Snider and Clarke came to his family aid.

He only coached in New York for two full seasons and took them to the Finals in his first. Both times, the Rangers and Flyers met.

Shero was a brilliant mind, and anyone saying to the contrary is unfamiliar with his keen personality and ability to masquerade the real man. When his team(s) did win, he was the reluctant man limiting his accomplishments and elevating what players achieved.

Shero, oftentimes, would suggest books to players based on their personalities even though he was sometimes unfamiliar with the people but he utilized his assistant Mike Nykoluk as a mediator of sorts. Some laughed, saying hockey players don't read but Shero would fit the interests. Books on topics such as psychic powers weren't out of the ordinary.

What Shero lacked sometimes was highlighted and names escaped him. A story in New York, for example, was that he once wanted to talk to Dave Maloney after a practice, forgot his name, and then said "Send the Captain to see me."

What Shero wanted in Philly, over time, was a part of the decision-making process, player acquisition, etc., which caught some by surprise because the feeling was he wanted to coach and only coach. One story (when with NY) is illuminated in that he supposedly thought he was acquiring Colin Campbell in a trade but mistakenly received Cam Connor and at the first practice was told by Connor "I don’t play defense. I’m a right wing."

After the Miracle on Ice, the Rangers slumped early the following season and after protracted negotiations, in came Herb Brooks. Shero's coaching career in the NHL ended.

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