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10-17-2010, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by VL55 View Post
How: He's playing okay in this early season and his contract, at 1.5M cap hit until the end of next year, is manageable. He is much more tradeable than many other contracts we have like Spacek's.

For What: Can't be greedy. A 4th or 5th round pick would be fine.

To Whom: A young team with a low payroll who needs a grinder with 'stanley cup experience in the locker room'. We have plenty of veterans on this teams, including a few who touched the cup. Moen's experience has no value for us. Might not be the case for other team filled with recruits, especially one that is overperforming by November and whose GM is starting to think that Playoffs are a possibility if the young players can stay calm and focused.

Why: Make room for White who can fill the same role on the team but with more youth, exuberance and room for development. Cheaper too.


A bit of wishful thinking. 'More tradeable' doesn't mean 'High value'... But I really think we need to make room for White and that's a more proactive way that 'wait for an injury'! I think it improves the team and it sends a good message through Hamilton; we want to make room for you, keep training hard.
Why trade a proven player for a rookie who may or may not play like he did in the pre season? Not like White is going anywhere soon... we own his rights for a while. Why do we need a 4th or 5th? I dont see the point in this at all.

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