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Originally Posted by Quacker912 View Post
I didn't want to get in on this whole relationship issue, but c'mon none of us actually know the situation.

This girl could actually dig him and just be testing him or legit busy. On the other hand, she could be deflecting him because she doesn't want to break his heart. Honestly, it's not for us to make assumptions and decide for the kid. Let him figure it out on his own, heartbreak is part of life. The sooner it happens, the better because the first time is pretty damn hard.
I've been sort of heartbroken before, but the difference now, is that I probably don't care as much about anything else as much as her. I mean, I love my computer, I love my sports and so on, but I mean, yeah...

And I don't know if I mentioned this, but when I say I know that she's studying is because for one, she doesn't ********, and two, she's heavily under pressure and the under the thumb of her parents. Her parents are crazy strict about this ****.

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