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10-17-2010, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Chicken Chaser View Post

growing neck beard, sweatpants, soccer balls, and even a skirt? he's got it in spades

And yeah no **** ovi misses the net, he also scores more than anyone else typically does too(frankly he woulda potted that one under the water bottle to boo), but the only clutch scorers we seem to have Are too undersized to play defense so the "smart" posters on these boards dismiss the good for the bad, and can't get on richard's and carter's crotch enough to see or ever admit they need to elevate their game if they're our talented core to win us a cup
Read below to address your misconceptions concerning the relationship between missing the net and scoring more goals. Ovi scores a lot more goals, because he shoots (and misses) a lot more than our guys. A product of his incredible ability to get into shooting positions, more than his incredible ability to finish goals in opportunities.

As to the bolded... Ovi's team is known for choking, and you're complaining about our group?

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Lets do a little math... and, it should be understood, Alex Ovechkin is better than Jeff Carter. Significantly.

Alex Ovechkin attempted 520 shots on net (SOG, Missed Shots), and converted 50 goals: or 9.6%

Jeff Carter attempted 460 shots on net, and converted 33 goals: or 7.2%

AO attempted 748 shots on net (yes, this is ABSURD), and converted 56 goals: or 7.4%

Carter attempted 458 shots on net, and converted 46 goals: or 10.0%

AO attempted 645 shots on net, and converted 65 goals: or 10.1%

Carter attempted 367 shots on net, and converted 29 goals: or 7.9%

Over the last three season in total:

AO has attempted 1,913 shots on net, and converted 171 goals: or 8.9%

Jeff Carter has attempted 1,285 shots on net, and converted 108 goals: or 8.4%

So, over the last three years of their respective careers... when Ovechkin releases the puck on net, he is 0.5% more likely to get a goal out of that shot than Jeff Carter... yet Jeff Carter misses the net too much.

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