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10-17-2010, 05:06 PM
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Yes because we all know this only happens at the Garden.

I've probably been to more away games then home games, always in my gear (jersey, hat sometimes as well) and you take heckling everywhere. The way YOU (the "victim") deal with it determines how it's going to end. If you go to into someone else's house and stand and cheer when your team scores you're going to get heckled, but that's about it if you don't react.

Most recently I was at HSBC for the game this season, I stood up and cheered when the Rangers scored, other then that I was chatting with my girlfriend (Sabres fan) or just shootin the **** with the people around me. Did that stop me from getting beer or popcorn thrown at me when I stood up and cheered? Nope, of course not. But what did I do about it? Nothing. Didn't turn around to see who did it or anything, just kept standing and clapping.

More often then not the "victim" determines how bad it's going to be for themselves.

To single out Rangers fans in any way shape or form in terms of "defending their house" is ludicrous.

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