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10-17-2010, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
I preset the 3rd period of the NSH v. WSH game as a prime example of a team just running out of gas. They just looked dead and 3 games in 4 days will do that to you. Also noted that when Goc got hurt the team didn't play all that well afterwards.

SK I didn't think played all that well. I saw him firing a lot of shots point blank into the goalie.

Franson.....Yeah, he's an offensive defenseman but with Weber and Suter being used a lot he saw more time and he was abused. I wonder if Nashville were to put him on waivers he would be claimed?
I think the Preds WERE gassed in the 3rd for several reasons-- Line juggling required when Goc went down, 3 games in 4 days as you mention, and the wall blistering speech I suspect the Caps endured in the 2nd intermission, since they came out playing at a much higher pace. Or maybe they had planned to kick into high gear in the 3rd all along knowing the Preds would be tired, but I seriously doubt that as they know they where outmatched on Defense and at least even on goaltending.

SK's skating was improved from last game but he was still ineffective for the most part.

Like many of you I have noticed when Franson gets double teamed he will sometimes panic and make a bad play. No doubt other teams have noticed this also and that is why we see this happening so often now. He needs to get his head on straight and make a smart play with the puck no matter what. It is his freaking job-- he cashes those checks, man up and make some simple and smart plays. Last night was brutal for Cody.

As for the penalty on Suter in OT, I am not convinced on that. Suter and Ovi are tied up with each other. Suter is reaching for the puck with his stick. Yes, he is kinda reaching with his free arm. But he is not manipulating Ovi with that arm. Is that a call you make in regulation, yes. But when the game is on the line, when raising that arm most likely decides the outcome? I don't think it was that definitive. Just my opinion.

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