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10-17-2010, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by bjd624 View Post
So, Alot of players have nicknames some I dont know why (example : Richards = Cannon, instread of giving a 41 page thread to read through can I just get a quick explination)

So lets look at the roster and thier nicknames and maybe get a few for ones w.o


Blair Betts - ?
Danny Briere - Im thinking we should bring his Buffalo Name "The Cookie Monster" over here? any takers
Dan Carcillo - Carbomb
Jeff Carter - ?
Claude Giroux - ?
Scott Hartnell - ?
Ian Lapariere - Lappy
Villie Leino - ?
Andreas Nodl - ?
Darrol Powe - ?
Mike Richards - Cannon
Jody Shelly - ?
James van Riemsdyk - JVR
Nikolay Zherdev - I'm thinking maybe Zed?

Oskars Bartullis - ?
Matt Carle - ?
Braydon Coburn - ?
Andrej Meszaros - I came up with Fang...idk any other ideas or previous nickmanes?
Sean O'Donnell - ?
Chris Pronger - Elbows?
Kimmo Timonen - ?
Matt Walker - ?

Michael Leighton
Brian Boucher
Sergei Bobrovsky

so amuse me

the whole reason was I was thinking back at the flyers of the 70's and thier awesome nicknames - the hammer, the rifle, Big Bird, the hound etc. and if we want a cup team we need cup worthy nicknames don't cha think?

Going when I can by what they call them in the 'Room' Hockey players love to add a 'y' or an 'er' to real names:

Blair Betts - Betsy
Danny Briere - I call him, 'Money'
Dan Carcillo - Carbomb or I at time call him, 'Cilly'
Jeff Carter - Cartsy
Claude Giroux - Gee
Scott Hartnell - Harts
Ian Lapariere - Lappy
Villie Leino - how about 'Jay'?
Andreas Nodl - I like 'Noodle' also
Darrol Powe - What about 'Power'?
Mike Richards - Richie
Jody Shelly - does he need yet another nickname? Shelly
James van Riemsdyk - JVR
Nikolay Zherdev - Zee?

Oskars Bartullis - Bart
Matt Carle - Matty
Braydon Coburn - Coby
Andrej Meszaros - How about 'Mess'?
Sean O'Donnell - Little Johnny? haha
Chris Pronger - Prongs
Kimmo Timonen - His first name is a nickname... is it not? I've also heard, 'Timmo'
Matt Walker - I have no clue?

Michael Leighton - Leights
Brian Boucher - Boosh... of course
Sergei Bobrovsky - Bob or BoBo

It's the Phillies this time that have the nicknames. haha

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