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10-17-2010, 11:57 PM
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Hi all, Devils fan coming in peace. I ask that if you're going to kick me out, I'd actually prefer to be moved downstairs, I hear the view is better.

I've been to a few Rangers-Devils games at MSG, usually the cheapest seats I can get on StubHub or 409 with my buddy who is a Rangers fan. Mind you, I don't wear a jersey, maybe just a hat if I'm that daring. But I act respectful, and I get small crap like every other away fan gets crap at every other arena (a few silly insults, maybe some popcorn), I just smile and laugh it off and it usually goes away. Never had an incident there.

I think that if an opposing fan sits in the cheaper seats, they're going to get more crap. Think about it: the regulars sit there because they're diehard and that's the only way you can afford it. Some like to bring it on themselves. The first game we had Kovalchuk after the last trade deadline at Newark, three very drunk Leafs fans were starting crap all game. Now my team doesn't exactly have a rivalry with them, and I don't think you guys do either. So no one was really starting with them, but they still got tanked and made too much noise. They got some insults in return but nothing huge, and of course I layed into them after we won in the last 20 seconds of the game, but yeah. You get some extra fun if you're a little louder at an away game. It's healthy. Home fans are cheering for their team and against the other team. You and they identify with their team.

There do have to be certain levels of restraint. I grew up in Jersey (which is why I'm a Devils fan) but was raised a fan of New York sports. I'm a diehard Yankees fan and Giants fan. So naturally, I HATE Boston, every team. I don't know if they have an MLS team, but if they do, **** that team. So when I go to a Devils - Boston game, I tend to get a little louder than usual on opposing fans. Last time, I sat next to a family of Bruins fans - Mom, Dad, and tiny 5yrs-old-ish daughter with a "Go Tuuka!" sign. How am I supposed to trash talk a 5 year old? If it were a guy my age with that sign, okay fine. But a little girl? Decency goes a long way.

I ventured over here because I saw the headline while scrolling over to my team's board and it screamed "read me". So as I read it I texted my buddy who always has tickets in 409 (I think he's a STH) and asked, and he said more or less what I've been reading - Leafs fan got rowdy and things happened.

What I'm trying to get at here is that I've seen this same situation happen thousands of times at various arenas and it's really really not a big deal. And you guys have some really fun upper-deck seats.

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